Measures, shops and restaurants in Luxembourg and in the greater Region:


 Food, shopping and packaging:

-avoid wasting food   use your Eco Box (in cantines and 79 restaurants (e.g. list below)

-date of limit: do not blindly throw away because of the date: taste the food before throwing away

-for your shopping: use eco-bags, shopping basket, backpack, boxes at your disposal
-avoid buying food with non recyclable packaging, prefer reusable glass e.g. bottles
-buy more fair trade products
-prefer local food, meat (no factory farming) and correctly fished fish, from aquaculture, not in plastic packaging

-at least try to eat less meat and prefer biological food where you avoid pesticides and high water consumption

-eat less —> feel better (stomach pains): doggy bag    Ecobox (79 restaurants))

-use food rests to prepare dishes (internet shows recipes)
-avoid buying aluminium as all the pocket coffees hard or impossible to recycle --> energy lost

-use your wooden boxes instead of plastic bags ex. Naturata

-avoid overconsumption and ask yourself if you really need the latest smartphone or for following trend



-turn off the tap when not using --> less drinking water consumption e.g. tooth washing
-having a shower (closing the tap when soaping) economizes water compared to filling a bathtub (washing with a face cloth saves the

most drinking water)

-decrease the debit of water flow so less water gets lost when you do not turn it off (ex. teeth washing)
-drink tap water if it is of good quality (best controlled comestible)
-buy automatic toilets with start/stop feature
-use rain water for your plants
-if possible auto-recycle and reuse your drinking water at home (internet shows how)

-use your own water bottle (fashion design) instead of buying these plastic water. Refilling points (cf list)

-prefer reusable glass bottles



-please avoid chemical products for cleaning etc

-use white vineger, NaOH (sodium), citron for cleaning at home (tips in the net without using chemical acid products)

-avoid washing synthetics or use the special bags that microscope particles of chemicals do not get into our rivers

-Clothes: mini-wash and washing at lower temperature

-use your dish washer only when it's full (energy and water gain)

-do not throw medecine (=chemical) into your sink --> drink water --> polluted

 Higiene, chemicals:

-use biological soaps
-try solid biological soaps instead of hair shampoo

-avoid chemicals in your households

-use recycled toilet paper



-avoid buying clothes and other new stuff produced under bad working conditions including toxic materials

-buy second-hand clothes or clothes made of natural biological fibres

-visit empty attic and jumble sales



 Electricity, lights, electronics:

-choose the most ecological electricity network (green energy) and internet search engine (lilo, ecosia)
-turn off the lights at home when you are absent in this room

-avoid lights with very high electricity consumption e.g. ceiling floodlight (300W). LED's need very less energy

-try to take advantage for a maximum time of the sunshine and avoid sitting in a dark room turned away from the sun with

electric lights on. You could change your timing.
-avoid electric hardware (tv, pc) on standby as they consume energy

-electronic gadgets: Smartphone, computer: do we really need the latest model?

-be aware that data transfer, internet, facebook, twitter and other social media need a lot of electricity

 Heating, cooling, kitchen (oven):


-inform how to manage the heating in winter (permanently on low heating position better than turned off completely?

-take away all  furniture what blocks the warm air to flow

-deice your cooler regularly (huge energy saving)

-do not let open the fridge --> huge loss of energy
-do not preheat too long the oven

-use the microwave for quick heating



 Petrol, car:

-be conscious that SUV's consume more petrol because of the higher weight
-less petrol consumption: constant driving, less hard accelerations and keep the distance to the front cars, no need to drive the

maximum allowed speed --> you get less stressed and you will save money. Example of time saving cf explanation folder

-examine the internal bord computer by checking the momentaneous consumption to find the driving way of lowest consumption

-turn off the engine if you know you stand for a longer time (use start-stop function)

-let your car roll to the next red light and leave from gas pedal when going downhill  --> 0 litre of consumption within a gear

-We do not give any advice whether to buy a diesel, a petrol, gaz, hybride or electric car, buy the less harmful one

-best energy balance would be to keep your old car as long as possible except when its fuel consumption is too high


-as it is made out of petrol: avoid buying plastic, material things including rare metals,

-resist and do not buy drinks in plastic bottles at a petrol station (very hard after my private survey)




-have a look at the packaging before buying and just avoid buying anything which will generate waste e.g. plastic and aluminium

-please separate your house waste, paper, glass, plastic, organic materials, take care of the batteries etc
-do not throw away your cigarette ! There iare chemicals in paper and filter.

-upcycling --> giving a new value to rests of wasted material --> become creative



 Mobility and transports:

-carsharing, not easy but possible for a regular group of people with fixed destinations
-use as much as possible the public transports
-going by feet or driving by bike to work and back home (I did it wednesday and on thursday: Gasperich to Kirchberg) and feel so good,

less stress and physical activity.

-if you buy a bike or a e-Scooter, do not buy a cheap one of bad quality and where children and workers got exploited by underpayment

-take the steps instead of the elevator (free sport and energy economy)



 At work:

-print on the two pages
-please use recycled paper

-use a glass recipient (1 liter glas jug) and drink tap water (best controlled)

-turn off the lights and let as much sunshine get into your office
-please use a porcellaine cup (instead of a plastic cup) for the coffee machine
-switch off PC at work and turn off the lights when you leave work



 For your house:


-think about photovoltaic, install solar panels for free energy
-think about geothermic heat pumps for your house

-prefer installing grass than a rubber cover and Stones as rainwater can not pass into the soil

-do you really need a golf course at home --> late gardening, create your biotope for fauna and flore



 Leasure, hobby, and travelling:

-consider traveling less often by planes and ships (I know that traveling for business or for culture is important for our soul) but it's an

enormous consumption of solid fuels



 Social relations:

-trade and exchange things, you only need once or a few times, between friends, neighbors etc

-apply principles of sharing economy

-avoid buying by Internet and prefer buying at local shops to help national economy and prevent Transport fuel and unemployment


List of the shops:

Akabobus / Akabobuttek  organic and fair fashion store      8, Rue de Bonnevoie   Luxembourg

Mavelos Ettelbrück   organic clothes made of hemp

VINTAGE HOME & MORE     Vintage store (re- & upcycled furniture & more)  à Beckerich

Boutique du monde Weltbutték 6 Rue Genistre en ville
Ouni Luxembourg (rue Glesener)
Unverpackt Trier (Trèves)
Eis Épicerie Soleuvre
De Biobutték

Téi vum Séi   slowly dried tea 100% biological


Liste of internet pages:    webshop for sustainable / ecological handmade products        upcycling         upcycling (sustainable development magazine for Luxembourg)

foodsharing Luxembourg    contact for avoiding food waste
zero-waste Sarl Luxembourg
Refill Lëtzebuerg (facebook drinking water refill points)
Break free from plastic
green energy, (different  grids ex. Eida)


Kumpir the happy potato (zero waste restaurant)
restaurants listed at

Fairs & events:
Bio Foire Gorcy (à 5 km de Longwy)


Measures for the advanced


-try to use wooden toothbrushes
-inserting a bottle in the toilet vat consumes less water
-use a glass recipient or the original package for your garbage instead of plastic bags

-bring your own recipes for shopping (cheese, ham etc)

-boycotting, not buying things from labels, (marques) with too much plastic or exploiting people like.......

-make people attentive in situations wasting energy and advise them how to change by giving alternatives

Conclusions :


-being more patient again, accepting 4G, enjoying time taking a deep breathe --> less stress

-simplify your life, declutter your life --> no need to buy new stuff for your private joy

-do not exagerate and keep a good well-being in life and just try little by little, step by step

-With all these measures you lose a little time and comfort but you can save money.


Visions and innovations:


material for 3d printing from algues


2)  For industries and entreprises:


-cradle to cradle C2C, recycling and intelligent sustainable thinking, conception and construction (recycling of materials) + CREE
-circular economy, économiser et réutiliser les ressources
-alternative technologies ex. instead of Lithium-ion batteries --> graphene or other high conductive energy-dense materials, with less weight, e.g. for electric cars
-use rain water in the bassins de rétention p.ex pour le cooling water circuits (recycling)
-deconstruction instead of demolition (recycling materials)
-investing the most for installing best possible filters against pollution
-Data Centers using renewable energy                                                                                          
-video conferences                                                                                                                       
-improve your logistics and avoid a shuttle bus for only 3 people commuting between locations
-avoid light pollution

-reconsidering packaging policies in the shops




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